Vision Solutions

Artificial Vision Applications Development Systems


The CL-Eidos 4.0 architecture includes one or more of the following components:
  • CL-Eidos (server): Vision engine which can also be used as a system for the development of generic visual vision applications;
  • CL-Eidos.js (client): User Interface Module / Control Panel usable for Network Monitoring and the control of component-based on the architectures CL-Eidos 4.0 and CL-IoT.

Specialized Applications:

The previous general purpose solutions are complemented by the following specialized applications

  • CL-CobotMon: an artificial vision system for monitoring collaborative robotics applications.
  • CL-OCR: Optical Character Recognition (OCR);
  • CL-Lessema: is a query engine for semantic keyword search within title, captions, and image file names.

Case Studies

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