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Luigi D. Capra

Essential data:

Thirty years of experience in software development and in particular of Artificial Vision applications, Embedded firmware, Internet of Things (IoT).
Ten years of activity as a consultant on topics related to Artificial Vision and/or Internet Things (IoT) in reference to applications such as:

  • Real-time control of the content of sealed-food packages using x-ray cameras to exclude the presence of radio-opaque contaminants.
  • Real-time monitoring of collaborative robotic systems (Cobots).
  • Development of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems designed to read checks code-line, postal account bulletins and/or travel tickets.
  • Verification of the authenticity of banknotes via multispectral image analysis.
  • Update of legacy systems or software that lack networking capability so that they can be monitored and/or remote controlled over Internet connections.
  • Replacement of control-panels of industrial instruments and equipment with virtual consoles made up of web pages (written in HTML5 + JavaScript).
  • Development of user interfaces in the form of Web clients written in HTML-5 + JavaScript devoted to the processing, analysis and graphic presentation of the information collected by IoT networks.
  • Embedded software development for IoT applications.
Code development in the languages: C, Assembler, JavaScript, Lua and PHP. Training courses for installers and/or end-users (possibly in Italian, English or Spanish)..

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