Consulting Activities


Software consulting activities referring to the following areas:

  • Vision

    Over thirty years of experience in the field of the realization of artificial vision applications.
    • General purpose Artificial Vision Systems (see, for example, CL-Eidos).
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems (see, for example, CL-OCR). Reading of the code-line of checks, postal current account bulletins, travel titles, etc.
    • Image database development, with particular reference to the theme of semantic search of photographs based on captions text (CL-Lessema).
    • Monitoring and control of collaborative robots (CL-CobotMon).
    • Verification of the authenticity of banknotes by vision techniques.
    • Software for the control of food packaging sealed based on radioscopic techniques.
    • Development of Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) based on artificial vision techniques.
  • Non Destructive Quality Controls (NDT)

    • Control of sealed food packs by radioscopic techniques. Search for radio-opaque pollutants (glass, metal, bones, stones, heavy rubber, etc.).
    •      Monitoring of industrial machinery (lapels).
    •      Conformity checking of mechanical parts (spindle, door locks of motor vehicles).
    •      Process control (alignment and junction of metallic pipes).
  • Internet of Things / Industry 4.0

    Development of the software required for the management of the IoT nodes and for the consultation of the collected data as well as the monitoring and remote control of the nodes.
  • Applications of artificial neuron networks

    Development of optical character recognition (OCR) systems for embedded applications.
  • Development of applications in HTML-5 + JavaScript

    Replacement of physical control panels of industrial machinery with virtual control panels.
    Development of friendly user interfaces for the consultation of databases containing traceability data or diagnostic information collected by the instruments that are part of the IoT network.
  • Firmware development in Assembler, C-Language or Lua for embedded systems

    Development of optimized software in Assembler or C. Interfacing of particular devices via RS-232 or TCP / IP connections.
  • Training courses for installers and / or end users

    Training courses and / or seminars are organized on technical topics related to programming in Italian, English or Spanish.

Case Studies

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